About HistoryOS:

2020-2021 HTML5 Templates, Ethan Fasulo, The Historian

Template modified from Rimet and one
of the templates by HTML5 Templates.

Startup sound here.


What's New?

September 2021

  • Re-forked from Rimet because Rimet changed a lot since 2020.
  • About screen revamped to make it look a bit better.
  • Gadget font replaced with Arial.
  • Themes replaced with Wallpapers, some things
    carried over from February 2021 Release.

  • Feb 2021

  • Added this What's New screen.

  • May 2020

  • Interface revamped to add some personality.
  • Web Virtual PC, MIDI Player and Historian IM added.

  • The May 2020 interface.

    Apr 2020

  • HistoryOS forked from Rimet.
  • Windows XP background, start button and startup sound added.

  • The April 2020 interface.



    February 2021 Release